Rude PR Behaviour at INDIA RUNWAY WEEK!

Rude PR Behaviour at INDIA RUNWAY WEEK!

Rude PR Behaviour at INDIA RUNWAY WEEK!

India Runway Week and its PR team behavior for Catch Now

Hello beautiful people! Hope you guys are doing good. This is the first time when I am writing a critic post for a PR agency and I really want you to share it as much as you can and show love for Catch Now.

Being there at events and covering it all for you guys is my first love. India Runway week happening in Delhi this year 2018, has let me down with its PR team. My work is to show you everything in a shape of a diamond with all perks and glow but I felt really bad with #Cruxpr agency today and decided not to put up any good work related to the runway week.

India Fashion week 2018
India Fashion week 2018

They assigned the work to promote a sponsored brand for the event and do a blog post on it. You’ll probably see a lot of trending posts on the hair product brand, which is a sponsor of India Runway Week. I and my fellow bloggers completed the work and waited for the goodie bag in return for our work. But the Crux PR kept procrastinating and we kept waiting.

After waiting for 3 hours we finally took a hard step and enquired about it with the PR team. They had the guts to say that come tomorrow. When we answered no for tomorrow, she asked us to wait and sent a guy(who was not at all from the PR team) to tell us to buzz off and don’t ask for it again as bloggers should never ask for it!

Who works for free?? We still are doing barter and not saying a word. It was very unprofessional and rude on the part of PR team.

I have always done my work with sincerity and hard work making Catch Now readership worth 7000 readers per day! And if this is what I get in return then it’s totally unexpectable. This is a request to all of you to please share as much as you can and support the blogging fraternity.

India Runway Week


I wish they could have made my evening as happy as I look in the picture above post-event too!! #cnfeatures

Geetanshi Arora



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